What do you really want?

What do you really want?

This is a huge question that many people can’t answer. I have come to the conclusion that most people don’t have a clue what they really want in life. This is a major issue because the majority of people spend most of their lives confused and unsure where their life is going.
When I made the decision to go to university, I was just 18 years old. When I was 18 I didn’t really know what I wanted my career to be in. However, I did know I wanted to be my own boss – I just didn’t know how to do it or where to start. I still went to university because it’s what all my friends did and it’s what my parents and peers advised me to do.
There’s one thing that everyone wants… Money. There’s not a single person on the planet that wouldn’t want to have a better lifestyle, or be in a position where they can do more for their family or future family. Anyone that says money isn’t everything either doesn’t have any or is very confused.
I agree, to be happy you can’t just have money – but to have money I believe you have to be rich within yourself.
To be wealthy, you need people and to attract people to you, you have to have an unbelievable attitude. The more money you make, the more people you lead, the more people you have to inspire.
To prove the point that people are mainly interested in money; I interviewed a candidate for my company – After explaining what we did, he decided it wasn’t the opportunity for him and continued to explain he wanted a career that involved speaking French and Italian. It wasn’t until we got to the financial side of things when his interest grew higher.
Once he found out how much money was generated at the ‘top’, he was sold on the position.
So it seems what people really want is money. I believe the physical aspect of money doesn’t motivate people – it certainly doesn’t me. But what I can do with it does motivate people – and me.
If you’re the person who says money isn’t everything. Ask yourself the following questions:
-Why don’t you have the lifestyle you desire?
-Why don’t you drive the car you want?
-Why don’t you live in your dream home?
-Why don’t you go on more holidays?
-Why do you worry about paying bills?
-Why do you say ‘NO’ to nights out?
There are a million and one questions you have to say no to – and the majority of it boils down to a lack of money!
I have 3 tips to give you so you can start living the lifestyle you want:
1: Find a mentor
This is crucial – if there’s a certain amount of money you want to earn, or there’s a certain lifestyle you want – find the person who has that already and ask them to coach you.
Just like you have done so far in life. You have learnt from the correct people relevant to your career.
If you want to become a doctor – study medicine.
If you want to become a journalist, study Journalism.
If you want to become a teacher, study teaching.
Making money is no different – if you want to become wealthy – study wealth! MAKE IT A FOCUS
2: Walk away from 95% of people
The majority of the population desire a better lifestyle but don’t put in the necessary action.
On your journey to success, people will think you are crazy, but once you find success everyone will think you are a genius.
When someone discourages you – just ask yourself if that person is in the position you want to be in – if they are great! Listen to them. If you want more than them then don’t listen to them – WALK AWAY!
Walking away from the 95% takes discipline – it takes pushing through a lot of discouragement. People will degrade what you do – some through jealousy and some through being confused.
A great bit of advice for you – Observe the masses and do the opposite – this is a sure way to separate yourself from the crowd
3: Work Hard and persist!
To find success and to find what you really want, you can’t be scared of hard work. Anyone who discourages you from working hard is either very confused or doesn’t like you!
It’s equally important to persist as well. Sometimes you will work without reward – the only way to guarantee results is to work until you get them. One sure way to fail is quitting – that way you don’t ever get what you desire.
Getting the life you REALLY want is very simple. Life is mapped out, you just need to find the right examples, only listen to the people who achieved the levels of success you want, and then apply that knowledge with a sickening work ethic and a desire to persist!

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