Unhappy or Uncertain?

Uncertain or unhappy?

I believe everybody has the chance to be financially successful. It isn’t a new thing, there are many wealthy people out there. But the subject of money can be quite sensitive to the majority. A lot of people live in fear, and base their decisions on how much money they have or need.

You hear “I cant afford it” all the time. Then the next minute they are blowing £100 on a night out!

The clients we acquire customers for, pay us on 100% performance. We offer unbelievably fast paced progression – and most candidates love that aspect, however some people are put off because earnings are based on their performance only!

I hear a lot of people say “I love the progression, I love the environment, but I just can’t see myself working on performance” – in fact, they list off a million and one things they love about the industry, but retreat away from it because of how we pay (which is 100% uncapped by the way).

So they make a decision to remain unhappy in the job they are currently in because they see it as “secure”. The reason I know they are unhappy is because they are either unemployed or searching to get away from their current job! People choose to be unhappy rather then walking into the uncertain.

You see this approach in all walks of life! Trying out new food, new sports, new careers. If you don’t ever try anything new, how will you ever find success or something you love.

People live most of the time in fear – and they base their decisions on fear. Do any of these sound familiar?

“Not worth the risk.”
“Don’t want to take the chance.”
“Need something to fall back on.”
“You shouldn’t go for that.”

Next time you make a decision – before making it based on the feeling of fear – ask yourself the following questions:

1. What is the absolute worst that can happen if you did what you are considering?
2. What steps could you take to repair the damage if the worst did happen?
3. What are the outcomes or benefits if you did do what you were considering

The one thing that baffles me, and always has done is people have got to the current situation they are in already – if they pursued the career or action they were considering and it didn’t work – it wouldn’t take any more effort to get to where they were previously. For example, even if you have a job that pays you £200,000 per year and you are faced with an option that could make you happier – you should go for the option that would make you happier… why? Because even if it did go wrong, you already have the knowledge and you already know how to get to where you got to before! So you can do it all over again. Surely that’s worth pursuing something that could make you 100x happier!

More often then not, the positives of the outcome far outweigh the negatives of the worst could happen (which is very improbable).

If you aren’t happy with your situation – change it. You have one shot at life, so you should enjoy it. Every day you should be challenged, fulfilled and happy. Avoid distress by searching for the life you want. Don’t do something out of fear! It’s just an emotion! Choose Uncertainty over being unhappy – life will be way more exciting! And you will be much more satisfied!

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