The Power of Work Ethic

The Power of Work Ethic

This is one of my favourite topics – The reason is because this is what separates people, but the great thing is this is also something everyone possesses. It doesn’t require skill or talent, just pure grit! For me, work ethic is one of the few things I can control in life – but results are based on the level of work you put in.
Work ethic isn’t just working hard in short spurts, or working hard when you are motivated. Work ethic is something that should be applied at all times.
In every aspect of life, work ethic separates the successful from the unsuccessful.
  • Relationships – they go up and down, and I don’t believe people just fall out of love with each other – I believe that happens through a lack of work ethic and effort put in. To get that person to like you, you worked really hard for it;
You take them out on dates (or you get taken out)
You get gifts for them
You go the extra mile
You see it all the time, when someone is single they work out, and work hard to look good. Once people are in a relationship, they get comfortable and stop putting in the work they did to attract each other.
If you are in a relationship where things have gone a bit stale, I can guarantee you have stopped putting in the work you did to get that relationship
  • The gym – The clear difference in someone who is in shape and who isn’t is their work ethic in the gym or exercise. Someone who exercises more and is in better shape works harder on their fitness then someone who isn’t fit. If you want bigger muscles, then you have to work hard on lifting bigger weights. If you want to lose weight, you need to burn more calories through doing more exercise.
  • Leadership – the harder you work for people, the more time they will give you. Moreover, there is nothing more inspirational in life then work ethic. The reason is because if you work harder than the average person, you instantly separate yourself from the crowd and people will naturally follow you.
In every area of life, to find success requires work ethic. Whether its relationships, work, school, university, exercise etc. the clear difference between who finds success and who doesn’t is the level of work ethic they put in. If you ask any successful person in the world what they did to get to the position they are in, a big factor will be the level of work they put in.
A lot of people have problems with work ethic and it could be for a number of reasons:
1 – You haven’t seen results
2 – You have no direction
To fix your work ethic, all you have to do is fix the above issues – If you aren’t seeing results, the only thing you can do is add more work ethic in. Humans natural reaction for when they hit “failure” is to stop working and quit. If you take that option you will never achieve success. You should never ever give up on something because its too hard. If you give up on something because its too hard, then you will give up on everything thats hard, because its the same feeling over and over.
If you have no direction, and you are working hard, it can feel like you are putting in the work unnecessarily. I have 2 points to this:
  1. Keep working until you find something that works
  2. Find someone who has achieved what you want and match or beat their work ethic and intensity towards the task.
Every action causes a result. Its called the ‘Law of cause and effect’ – I know if I eat healthy food I will lose weight and if I eat unhealthy food I will gain weight. That means if I find someone who has achieved what I want, all I have to do is match their actions to get the same result.
Work ethic can also drop when you spend time with people who discourage what you are doing. People can also get jealous of the work ethic you are putting in. The reason for this is because when you start working hard, it looks like you are on track for success and they are scared they are being left behind – which leads to them discouraging you (but they are really discouraged themselves and are just justifying why they aren’t putting the work ethic in). The naysayers are just not putting in the appropriate levels of work ethic in themselves!
Anything you want to achieve in life has already been achieved. Decide what you want, be ambitious, think big and be prepared to put in a ridiculous level of work ethic to get what you want.
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