The Power Of Influence

Getting better results is what we all strive for in every aspect of our lives. Whether you like it or not, we all desire better financial status, better careers, better health, better bodies etc… I know these are aspects of my life I always want to get better.

Although I am well aware I am not perfect in any of these areas, one thing I know is who I’m influenced by increases/ decreases my value in them.

I was always told as a kid “don’t be easily influenced”. However whether you like it or not we are all influenced. That’s why we dress the way we dress, think the way think and act the way we act. And if I am being honest, being easily influenced is a blessing as long as you’re influenced by the right people. Naturally there’s a negative connotation with ‘being influenced’ but I think there should be more pressure put on who you’re being influenced by.

Here’s how to get the right influence


  1. Have multiple influencers

I have made the mistake before of having 1 person influencing my decision making process on multiple aspects of my life. Really what would be smart is looking at the areas of your life you want to improve and find the best examples you know in those areas.

It wouldn’t make sense to have a friend that’s an engineer to coach you on how to become a hairdresser. You wouldn’t have a PE teacher teach you maths and you certainly wouldn’t be happy about going to uni to study science and learn from a physiotherapist. These are ridiculous situations that would never happen, but unfortunately this is what happens with us!


  1. Decisions = Results

I have almost always been a product of my environment. Sometimes I have made the wrong decisions. And a massive factor in that is who I’m letting influence me at the time. Find someone that is getting the results you desire, get in their space and let them influence and help your decision making.

Understand that the person getting the results will probably push you to get out of your comfort zone, just like a personal trainer at the gym. But also understand that is the quickest way to get results.


  1. Most people attribute their success to other people

If you ever hear someone talking about how they generated results, almost always they attribute that success to someone else. What you’ll notice is they never say “I just want to thank this person because they were such a bad influence on me”, they normally thank those people for being a positive influence.

So what is it I am trying to say… If you are looking to improve aspects of your life, its likely you are going to need other people to get you there and those people need to have a positive influence on you.

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