Taking Action

Take Action

The level of success you want to achieve is totally dependent on the level of action you put in. Top CEO’s get a lot of criticism for the amount of success they achieve, which I believe to be totally unfair.

I believe it to be unfair for 2 reasons:

1: The person criticising would love to be in the position the person they are criticising is in
2: They don’t have a clue as to the levels of action they put in to get to that position

To prove this point – the average person reads 1 book per year! That’s right! The people who criticise the top CEO’s read an average of 1 book per year. Whereas the top CEO reads an astonishing 60 books per year! That is some high level action!

The times where the average person is watching their favourite TV show in the evening is when a top CEO, or someone who is at the top of their game is probably fine tuning their craft and educating themselves.

There are so many examples in a ton of different industries where the level of action determines the level of success:

Cristiano Ronaldo – as good as he is, his talent wouldn’t have got him to where he is now – he is repeatedly praised for the additional hours he puts in to getting better at the game.

Eric Thomas – One of the best motivational speakers, wakes up at 3am just to get ahead of the rest of the population

Connor Mcgregor – Always talks about action – he eats, drinks, breathes his profession 24/7 and continually puts in huge levels of action. That is why he is at the top of his game.

After reading the 10X Rule by Grant Cardone (a must read) – he accurately described that there are 4 degrees of action someone can put in:

1 – Do nothing
2 – Retreat
3 – Normal Levels
4 – Massive Action

Anyone putting in no action at all, is guaranteeing failure for themselves. People also retreat a lot. The reason people avoid action is because they want to avoid the possibility of rejection – FEAR.

Normal levels, the 3rd degree, is the most dangerous however. And the reason is because a normal level of action is accepted and supported by society. Hitting normal levels of action will guarantee you an average life – who desires average???? NO ONE!

On your journey to success, people will doubt you, they will call you crazy, and they will tell you you can’t do it! However, when you achieve success, those same people will think you are a genius!

I personally have never had anyone more successful than me tell me to stop working hard. No one more successful than me has ever said “slow down”. In fact, they have encouraged me to do the opposite and put in more action! Just like a good personal trainer – they don’t tell you to slow down, they tell you to push harder until you can’t go anymore!

Anyone who tells you to stop working hard and stop taking action, I can guarantee you they are operating at the 3rd degree of action or below.

Now sometimes it can be difficult to decide what action to take – this is where procrastination sets in. I used to be terrible for it. I have always been willing to work hard, but sometimes I used to run out of ideas on how to drive my business. At these times, I would quickly turn to my I-pad and start playing a game or browsing through Facebook – it’s safe to say this level of action didn’t get me anywhere. So all I have done now, is changed my discipline.

It’s so simple – all you have to do is decide what your goal is. I.E – make more money (very vague but you will get what I mean).

Once you have decided what goal you want to achieve – make sure every action you take is towards hitting that goal. The way I see it, either way you are going to be taking an action, so why not take the action towards that goal. Either way you are going to be using energy – use that energy towards making more money.

So now when I am stuck with what to do, I pick up a book instead of a game, or I write a blog instead of scrolling through Facebook. These changes in discipline and actions are 100% going to help me at some point in my career.

So be selective in the actions you take, because they will determine the results you get from life. It is the law of cause and effect! Certain actions create certain results. You are in the position you are currently in due to the levels of action you are putting in. If you want to achieve high levels of success then go all in! Go all the Way. Put in massive levels of action and you will succeed!

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