Stop making excuses!



This is something we have all been guilty of – feeling sorry for ourselves!
We have all made excuses for not being where we want to be in life, or not hitting a goal.
I study a lot of successful people, there are many differences between someone who is successful and someone who isn’t. However, one striking difference is that successful people don’t make excuses, whereas people who haven’t achieved the success they want, suffer from the failure disease, ‘EXCUSITIS’.
The way I see excuses is that they are a justification for failure. For some reason excuses make people feel better about themselves for not achieving their goals – however, that satisfaction is very short-lived when they realise the excuses haven’t changed their situation. You can make excuses as much as you like, but they don’t improve your life, they don’t progress you, they don’t give you long term happiness or any ounce of satisfaction!
Now if you stop making excuses, it doesn’t mean you won’t come across any problems on your journey to your goals – however instead of making excuses when you hit an issue, find a solution. Remember, the excusitis won’t get you anywhere!
There are generally 4 types of excuses people make:
1: Health
2: Intelligence
3: Age
4: Luck
If we look at these individually
Health: There are some illnesses that do add limitations to people, however, the majority of people don’t suffer with limiting illnesses. If you are feeling under the weather – using that as an excuse won’t change your situation. You can either lay in bed and feel sorry for yourself, or you can get up and get on with your life.
I have been running my business for 3 years and I have never not shown up because I felt ill! Do you think there’s been a couple of days where I haven’t felt 100% in 3 years? Of course!
A lack of intelligence is normally associated with being ‘thick’ or ‘stupid’. However the definition of intelligence is “The ability to obtain and apply information” Therefore, if you are making the excuse of not having the intelligence, all you are saying is “I haven’t got the information I need” – If you haven’t got the information, stop using it as an excuse and go get it!
You can’t change your age so get on with it. Your age isn’t a limiting factor.
I agree, I think successful people are lucky and fortunate. But here’s the thing about ‘luck’ – the harder people work, the luckier they get. The victim thinkers who say “I just don’t get any luck” spend more time focusing on how lucky other people are, that they forget to focus on themselves.
The definition of luck is “Having, bringing or resulting from good luck” The reason successful people are seen as ‘lucky’ is because they take an above average level of action, the more action you take, the more luck you will get.
Action = Luck
Excuses = No luck
If you are serious about pursuing your goals, you have to alter the way you think and eradicate the excuses and replace them with action!
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