After establishing sales was the career for me, I always wondered why some people understand and why some people don’t.

You see it in all walks of life. It starts with certain subjects at school. I could never figure out why I loved sport and others didn’t. At the same time, I also couldn’t understand why some people loved maths and I didn’t. In fact, in terms of school in general, it wasn’t something I was sold on at all. I loved the social aspect, but I didn’t love the learning aspect.

Now I’m not saying school is a waste of time, it’s far from that. But what I’m saying is I wasn’t sold on the idea of school.

You see being sold on what you do is so important in a career. The problem is, I see a lot of people go to work for money. This (in my opinion) is the wrong mentality.  You also hear a lot of people say money isn’t important… This generally comes from a person who has no money – which technically disqualifies them from making that comment, as they don’t know what it’s like to have money. If money wasn’t important to them, then why would they turn up 8 hours a day working in a job they aren’t sold on, or don’t want to do! They do it for the pay check so they can afford their lifestyle each month.

This might even be you! Do you ever wonder why a person in the same position as you is way more passionate doing that job? It’s because  they are sold on that job and you aren’t. When you are sold on something, you do everything with more conviction. If someone is sold on serving customers on a checkout, they treat every customer with respect, they serve them with a massive smile and massive enthusiasm. How can someone working the till next to that person, doing the same job, deliver their service with less enthusiasm, fewer smiles and less passion? It’s simple… Because they aren’t sold on that job and they aren’t sold on that position being for them.

This goes back to selling being a part of everyone’s lives, you can’t escape sales! Think back to a time where you really believed in something. It could be a job, debate, sport, or even a thought that you have passion for. When you are sold on something, you have so much passion and your actions towards that are delivered with a lot more conviction. For example,  when you are debating with someone, and you know you are 100% right. Now because you are so sold on you being right, you go to extreme lengths to prove you are right i.e. search on the internet for the correct answer, or making attempts to phone people up so they can back your point up!

I see it in my company all the time. It has always baffled me as to why somebody wouldn’t want to be in a sales career. It has always baffled me as to why some people aren’t willing to work hard. It has always baffled me as to why someone wouldn’t want to work on commission – But the reality of it is, they just aren’t sold on the opportunity, pay structure, or sales in general.

No matter what career you choose, it’s important you are sold on that position, otherwise you won’t work with passion, conviction or get any satisfaction. If you do that for your whole life, you may end up miserable and unfulfilled!

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  1. If you love the job you do ..,
    well ,you wont work any day of yours Life !
    P.s : I love this quote

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