Pick a lane:

Pick a lane

Have you ever felt confused? Or feel like you have no direction? Or what you are doing isn’t fulfilling you?

This is something I have struggled with in the past – and at that time I felt lost and unsure about where my life and career was going. It’s not a great feeling.

Looking back at those times when I felt unfulfilled it was because I hadn’t decided on what I wanted to do. This meant that every day I was waking up with no purpose, other than to just go to work and get paid. On top of that, because I had no direction, at times of frustration, I would take that emotion and take actions that would ultimately continue to make me feel confused and lost such as, go out and waste money on getting drunk, play on games consoles, scroll on Facebook etc…

The reality is – I just hadn’t picked a lane and decided the lifestyle I wanted. In truth, money has rarely motivated me (although I understand the importance of having money). What does motivate me is personal development. As soon as I made the decision to become a “better” person and make a conscious effort to develop myself I didn’t necessarily see results instantly, but I instantly found myself more motivated and positive because I found a new direction and I felt a sense of fulfillment.

When I worked in the lab, what became blatantly obvious to me was that my boss’s motivation was to train me to become the best lab assistant I could be. Rather than finding a role where I have mentors who are motivated to train me to become a better version of myself. If you are feeling unmotivated and low, it’s probably because you know you have more to give and the results you are getting are way below your potential.

Think about the times when you have worked out – How motivated have you felt after a tough session VS a session where you know you could’ve given more? The reason you may feel lost and unmotivated is because the purpose of what you are doing isn’t in line with what you want.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things I do on a day to day basis that I don’t particularly like doing – but I understand they will help better myself and progress me further along in my life – THE PURPOSE IS THERE!

So what I am getting at is, pick a lane! Decide what you want, think outside the box and then go get it by following these following steps:

1 – Write down what you want – think big (don’t be afraid)

2 – Find someone who has that

3 – Go seek the info (act on the fear of backing out)

4 – Give up the bad habits (that make you feel bad)

5 – Change your environment – the people you listen to, the people you surround yourself with. Your current environment isn’t fulfilling you, so change it.