Not Another Covid Article

Obviously this is a hot topic at the moment and I am sure you have read your fair share of covid-19 articles.

It is fair to say that for a lot of people these are concerning times both physically and financially. The only saving grace is that we are all in this together. There is not 1 person on the planet that isn’t affected in one way or another from this pandemic.

A definite fact is that unfortunately there are going to be businesses going down, people losing their jobs and incomes slashed. I wanted to write this article to give you my perspective on this situation and what you can do right now to improve your future:

  1. Perspective:

Although this virus is negative in so many ways, if we put some things into perspective we can start to diminish the impact it will have on us.

Lock down is a strange concept as a lot of our basic freedoms have been stripped from us. Wuhan city was put on lockdown on the 23rd January 2020. CNN reported that the lockdown lasted for 76 days. This is under 3 months!

World War 1 lasted over 4 years, World War 2 lasted 6 years! Across both wars around 95 million people lost their lives.

Covid-19 has been likened to war, the French President Emmanuel Macron stated that we are at war with this virus. However we aren’t expected to go to war, we are expected to stay inside.

In the grand scheme of things, this is a very short lived issue and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel from what’s happened in China.

The life expectancy in the UK is around 81 years (972 months). This means if we are in lock down for 3 months, it will mean that we will be locked down for 0.3% of our lives.

Furthermore, lock down doesn’t mean we have to be unproductive. Following this are a list of things you can do to propel your career when everything returns to normal.


  1. Read and study

Your income is a direct correlation to the value you bring to a company or a marketplace. During this time you can teach yourself to become more valuable.

  • Learn more about the industry you are in
  • Empower your team with new information if you are in a leadership position
  • Learn more about your side hustle

It’s really important in times like these you are staying focused and engaged so you are ready for when this is over.

A book that’s really helped me during this is the 10X Rule by Grant Cardone. This will really open your mind up and help you see things through a different lens.

  1. Work on your fitness

Human beings naturally enjoy seeing and feeling progression. Money is important in this world but your mentality is more important. With a strong mind you can achieve amazing things. Exercise is a great tool to sharpen the mind.

  1. Learn Sales

This might sound strange but there is a reason Sales is one of the most sought after jobs in the world. There isn’t a company in the world that can survive without sales. Moreover, once this lockdown is lifted there are going to be so many companies on the look out for sales people. This is a great opportunity to improve you sales skills if you are in sales or put yourself out there and learn a brand new skill.

  1. Have structure

It’s very easy to let the days pass and achieve nothing. For me it’s important to have some routine in your life. You should always wake up and have a purpose to your day and have something to achieve that will leave feeling fulfilled at the end of the day. Having a structure will provide direction and focus.

  1. Add daily disciplines

Create a must-do list. A list that you know you cannot retire at night feeling satisfied. Disciplines are actions, and actions are what will provide you with results. Both positive and negative. The following list of Disciplines are so easy to add in an will guarantee results for you.

  • Read
  • Eat clean
  • Exercise for 30 mins
  • Get up early
  • Drink 3L water
  • Be creative with dinner
  • Communicate with friends

I’m sure there are many other disciplines you can add in as well!

The bottom line of all of this is that although on the surface this doesn’t look to be positive for most people, it’s important to look at what you can do that will improve your situation. Life, success, happiness comes from adapting. We are in a time where it will require us to adapt and change. The ones that do adapt will prosper from this.

If you have any questions or anything to say you can reach me at


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