Making it happen

Make it Happen!

“Make it happen” was once a misunderstood phrase for me. The phrase often followed from me asking how to get something done.

I always thought the person telling me to “make it happen” didn’t actually know how to do the thing I was asking help for themselves.

But now I find it such a powerful phrase- and one that has recently inspired me to make more things happen.

I recently visited Miami and I knew one of my inspirations lived there – I felt it was my duty to try and meet him.

I managed to find a way to get hold of him – and I said “I have travelled from the UK and would love to meet you”

To my surprise he responded “make it happen”

So that’s what I did – I made it happen, and ended up spending an hour with someone who has inspired me so much.

Now my point here is when you decide to “make it happen”, you are actually deciding to put in levels of action you would normally not consider.

The key word here is “decide” – you have to physically make a decision to make that thing you want happen

Once you do, all your energy and focus will go into making that “thing” happen

“Making it happen” is simple, but not everyone decides to make things happen for one reason:¬†you just don’t want it!

To have the urgency and intensity to commit to making that action happen, you have to want to do it – if not, you will stop as soon as a hurdle gets in the way.

Make the decision today to commit to your goals and your future and make it happen!

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