Interested vs Committed

Interested Vs Committed

I believe a big problem people face with their careers is a lack of passion. My career involves me interviewing a lot of people, who are obviously either unemployed or unsatisfied in their current job. A common reason as to why they want to leave is they feel they are underpaid, or in search of more money. To a certain extent, I believe this is true, however I also believe a huge reason for this is because they aren’t committed to their career.

You see, there is a huge difference between someone who is ‘interested’ in something rather than ‘committed’.

I am sure this is something you can relate to, as there are things in the past that you have been ‘interested’ in.

How about going to the gym? You set up this almighty plan to go to the gym, you may have even set a routine you are going to execute. But then something gets in the way, your mates are going down the pub, or the girls are going shopping. All of a sudden, your plan to go to the gym gets put off. But it’s okay… You rationalise your decision by saying “I’ll just go tomorrow.” How many of you actually went the next day?

My point is, if you are just interested in something, you will only ever commit to it when it’s convenient. If something gets in the way, people will use that obstacle to generate a reason not to do it!

Someone who is “committed” will get the results they want NO MATTER WHAT. There are no excuses. What about when you were younger, and you really wanted some sweets? You would ask your parents and they would say “no!” – does that stop you? NO!! You go to extreme lengths to get those sweets, you kick, you cry, you are so committed that you even roll on the floor and demand that you get those sweets. You are so committed to the cause that nothing will stand in your way.

The most successful people in the world are so committed to what they do. Nothing stands in their way and they never create excuses. They keep going until they hit their goal.

But why is this? Why are some people so committed whereas some people are just interested? I believe there is a simple formula to explain!

Y + C + A = BT

Y = your why! It’s so important to find a reason as to why you are doing something. The reason as to ‘why’ you are doing things is what will push you through any obstacles. Your why could be anything… Retiring parents, providing a better life for your family, putting your sibling through university… Whatever it is, it’s important you establish what your “why” is quickly.

C = Commitment. Once you have established your “why”, it is very easy to commit! Your why will pull you through any tough times and will keep you committed. If you go through a tough time, the moment where you have achieved your why will motivate you!

A= Action! As mentioned in a previous blog, the action you put in will determine your success. With your “why” + your “commitment”, your actions will obviously follow.

Once you have these 3 components in place, you will result in a break through (BT)

To get enjoyment out of life and your career, I believe you have to be committed rather then interested. Without commitment, you won’t have desire, passion or determination which means your day to day life will have no meaning and you will gain no satisfaction! So make a decision today – Make a commitment to commit!

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