How to Handle Negatives

How to handle negatives

Negatives are a common occurrence in everyone’s life. It is impossible not to encounter some form of negative on a day to day basis.

Negatives used to be something I didn’t know how to handle, but if you are looking to further yourself – it is something you have to master! How to deal with negatives.

Looking back at when I was younger, my problems were so small. However, at the time, the negatives seemed so big!


Your success is determined by your ability to deal with negatives, and the size of the negatives will be a direct correlation to the success you are having. If you look at the super successful, the problems they deal with are huge! Way bigger than mine. Once I understood that, I knew if I wanted to make big money and have a role with massive responsibility, I was going to have to get good at dealing with my negatives and other people’s negatives. Success is achieved by solving continuous problems, so instead of running away from negative situations, attack them!

I also noticed that I was not alone in the negatives I was dealing with, other people were also going through similar negatives, but still getting results. This started in school, then university (I always used to complain I was handing in the same work as my mates but getting different results). The problem was, I wasn’t doing anything about my negative situations, whereas other people who were going through similar negatives were making changes which ultimately lead to them getting better results.

My ability to deal with negatives improved massively when I followed these steps:

1: Accept the negative

2: Put it into perspective, how serious is the negative? Sometimes we blow the negative way out of proportion

3: What will help make the situation better?

4: Take a moment to understand the negative isn’t unique to you (find someone who has conquered a similar negative)

5: Take action immediately

6: Learn from the negative

What helped me embrace ‘negatives’, was using them as a chance to learn. Put simply, if I’m not experiencing any negatives, then I am not growing and I’m not learning because it means I am doing the same things every day.

Nowadays I welcome the negatives and I welcome the challenges. If there were no challenges, surely life would be dull?


Bring on the negatives!

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