Holiday Escape!

Holiday escape

Everybody loves getting away – Nice weather, tanning, drinking, eating and relaxing!
The thought of being in complete bliss for a couple of weeks, I’m sure appeals to the majority.

However, what I have found over the past couple of years is that people have different mentalities when going on holiday. I find the majority of people are going away to escape their life. Do the following terms sound familiar?

– “I could do with a holiday”
– “I can’t wait to get away!”
– “I can’t wait to get away for a week”
– “I’m going to go away and just do nothing for a whole week!”
If you’ve heard this before then carry on reading.

The problem with this mentality is, if you have the mentality of “I need/want to get away”, then what you are really saying is “I need/want to escape my normal life.”

Now… I’m not saying going on holiday is a bad thing, far from it. I enjoy going on holiday. I enjoy going to new places, I enjoy relaxing. But there’s one thing for sure, I don’t go on holiday to escape my normal life.

If you have that mentality, then you are technically only enjoying 1 or 2 weeks each year of your life.

I have family and friends ask me all the time “Are you still working hard?” The simple answer to that is “Yes”. However the difference is, I’ve created something I am passionate about. I’ve created something I wake up to in the morning and look forward to doing. I do work hard, but the difference is, I don’t feel like I work at all. Because I have found something I am passionate about, although I work, I feel like I don’t ever have to work another day in my life! There’s not a single day where I clock watch.

That’s another point – Clock watching! Write this down…IT IS NEGATIVE! When you clock watch, you are wishing the day would end! Why would you wish the day to end, it means you are wishing your life away!

What should you do then?

1- Write down the things you enjoy doing
Sometimes we get caught up in the day to day routine of life. It’s important we appreciate and acknowledge what we enjoy in life. So simply write them down.

2- Do things you enjoy
You have (as far as I am aware) one shot at life – which means you should spend it doing the things you enjoy. I never want to be in a position where I am in a job just to pay the bills. That means I am working to survive. We spend the majority of our time at work, so I am 100% certain I have to do something I enjoy. Whatever you wrote down on your list, make a start by scheduling time to do more of it!

3- Find your WHY
Whether you like it or not, to find levels of success, you have to do things you don’t enjoy doing. But it always baffles me as to why some people enjoy doing things that others don’t. The answer is some people understand the why.

Once you establish why you have to do certain things, or understand why they are important, you suddenly become more motivated to do those tasks. For example, some people are more motivated to go to the gym then others. The reason is because they have a stronger ‘why’. They have more reason to do it!

Therefore, when you are doing something, ask yourself ‘Why?’ The answer should always be positive. If the answer is ever “Because I need to pay the bills”, or “I need to get by” then you need to change profession now!

As I mentioned before, going on holiday is a good thing! But WHY you go on holiday is crucial. Find something you are passionate about, go on holiday, but don’t go on holiday to escape your “normal life” – you should enjoy your life. Find a job/ career/ business you enjoy, and you will never work a day in your life!

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