First Impressions

First Impressions

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase before “1st impressions count” and I believe this to be so true! You never get a second shot at a first impression. I also believe an impression is made within the 1st split second of meeting someone.

It could be as you say “hi” to someone, or even before that. What about if you are waiting to be interviewed and the manager sees you slouched on the waiting chair? Do you think that will leave a good impression?

It could be from the moment you make eye contact, or the way you dress.

Now I know there’s another saying that states “don’t judge a book by its cover”, which perhaps we shouldn’t. But unfortunately, we do! Lets not beat around the bush, humans are constantly judging. So I have a few tips on how to make a good first impression on someone. Remember this is incredibly important with any role or interview you are going for, because the first few seconds will determine the opinion someone has of you… forever!


As I mentioned before, people do judge people. Now fortunately you don’t have to have amazing looks to have a good image. But what I do know is I pay more attention to what people have to say if they have a sharp image.

The one thing that frustrates me when I am interviewing people is someone who doesn’t have a good image. It doesn’t cost much to look good. When I talk about image, I’m not necessarily saying you have to wear a suit, but at least iron your shirt! or at least do your hair!

When I ask people “what is going to separate them from the competition” and they reply:

“I take pride in what I do, or self motivated, self driven, and have high standards” but they are sitting there with a creased shirt which is un-tucked this is not backing up their point – remember, it doesn’t cost anything to iron and tuck in a shirt, but it makes the world of difference.

When I am interviewing, I’m not looking to see if someone has money, but I am looking to see if they have follow through – are they going to do what they promise me in an interview? A picture paints a thousand words – Your image is that picture!


“A picture paints a thousand words” – smiling goes hand in hand with image. I would much rather sit and listen to someone who is smiling and positive rather than unhappy and negative.

Have you ever had that friend who you just don’t look forward to spending time with? The one who constantly moans and says “life isn’t fair” – I can guarantee that person isn’t smiling. If you look at videos of successful people, one thing they have in common is they always seem to be smiling. It’s such a simple action to complete that we sometimes forget its importance. A smile is infectious, a frown is a repellent.

Eye Contact:

When meeting someone new, there can be that awkward moment which forces you to break eye contact with someone.

However, eye contact builds trust. Think about when someone lies… They struggle to maintain eye contact. If you can’t maintain eye contact, you can come across unconfident and shady. Eye contact also helps you take control – don’t be the first person to break the eye contact, whoever does first loses.

There are a number of different things you can do to make a great 1st impression, however I believe these 3 things are not only really important, but they are also actions you can put in place right this second.

Remember, people shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but they do.

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