Don’t Feed Fear

Don't feed your fears

Fear can often generate success, if you allow it to push you further. You just need to starve fear of its favourite food – time.

The top 3 fears that can rule people’s lives are often:

  • Reactions of others
  • The unknown
  • Fear of Failure

The feeling of fear, that can also be known as; False Events Appearing Real – has taken control of 1000’s of lives across the globe.

Fear is just an emotion that everyone feels, the problem with society is the majority of people are scared of taking any new action, because the result is uncertain, or they may be scared of failure – which means the majority of people don’t ever put in any kind of action towards their goals. This is why so many people are forever finding themselves in the same situation, year after year.

I dedicate the success of my business, Atlas Outsourcing LTD to our ambition to always expand, and never retract. I’d prefer to fail pushing forward, rather than fail whilst retreating. If we constantly run away from the feeling of fear we never learn and we end up becoming bored and unmotivated – we should always learn from our failures.

It isn’t failure itself that determines whether people are successful or unsuccessful, it is how people deal with failure. The reason is simple, everyone fails in life, and you just have to react in a way which ultimately leads to success – learning from your mistakes.

Sometimes it is the opposite of fear which leads people and businesses to fail. People can get into a sense of comfort when they find small levels of success. I believe we should BURN THE PLACE DOWN! Continue to add wood to your fire – continue to take massive action in order to build on your successes.

The reality of today is that there are so many options out there – and a lot of potential is untapped due to the feeling of fear. I believe you should starve fear of its favourite food – TIME. When you get that feeling of fear, it’s an indication you should take action IMMEDIATELY, whether it be a job interview, first date, joining a sports team – no matter what it is, fear is the greatest indicator on planet Earth. If you dwell on the actions you need to take, the feeling of fear grows over time. If you act on the actions that give you that fear, you are separating yourself from everyone. Put it simply – acting on your fear shows that you are willing to take the action that the majority of people aren’t willing to take! Give yourself that unfair advantage in life – Be ethical, but don’t play fair! Get ahead of the rest!

To act on the feeling of fear can give people a whole new direction in life.