When you study the traits of successful people, there are a number of attributes that stick out. However there is one obvious trait… They all dominate their sector.

This post is going to focus on the importance of dominating your sector and not just competing.

I am a strong believer in ‘you become who you spend your time with.’ If you are in a competitive environment at the moment, then you should be looking to dominate the “top persons” actions and not just compete with them. The problem with competing with other people is, you are just copying what they do. If you decide to compete with someone, you are essentially capping yourself to that persons standards, meaning you will only ever do as much as that person. Winners think forward and winners look to dominate, not compete and copy!

If you are dominating, you are creating the competition, you are the person in control and setting the pace.

True success comes from the ability to dominate. I believe life is a competition, but it’s a competition you want and need to dominate! If you go for an interview, you want to dominate the competition. Football teams always look to DOMINATE the competition. The people/ teams who dominate always make others chase them! They are the rabbit!

The reason you want to dominate is because it is your life. If it is between you and one other person to get a job, or be selected for a sports team, I want to do everything in my control to dominate the competitions actions. I want to wake up earlier, I want to work harder, I want to ask more questions, I want to talk more, I want to sell myself more. In fact I want to throw as many actions as possible that will help me achieve my goals and dominate the competition I can to beat them!

The question is, how do you dominate. Well hopefully the following will help:

1: Decide you want to dominate

Make a decision, make a commitment that you want to dominate your field. Once you have decided this is what you want you will do the following..

2: Do what others refuse to do

Remember, life is a competition, and if you are doing what the competition refuses to do, you are instantly separating yourself and will result in an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE. I always want to swing things in my favour. The only way I am going to achieve that is through my dominating actions. I certainly do not want to play fair against the competition. If I play fair, I am leaving myself open to get crushed by the competition. Now, it must be noted there is a difference between playing unfair then playing unethically. I want to be ethical at all times – but if I am willing to do more, then surely I deserve more?

At the same time, because I am separating myself from the competition, I will be at the top of considerations, which means I will be dominating everyone’s thought process!

Sometimes people don’t take dominating actions because they aren’t sure if it will benefit them. I have a simple solution to this. Decide what your goal is, then once you have decided – every action you take should help you towards your goal!

One thing to note about dominating your market is, you don’t have to be first to the space, but you certainly have to be first in the space – meaning once you have chosen your field, it is irrelevant if someone has already been there – the only thing that matters is you are the dominating factor in the field.

This is a pretty intense post – however if you are serious about your career, why not be the best at it. Remember, its all within your control!

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