Covid Chaos – How To Manage Stress

My girlfriend was talking to me the other day about an article she was reading on stress. For a lot of people this lockdown situation is very stressful. Not having the freedom to make choices we want to make, not being able to work, not being able to meet up with friends or go for a pint are all things we definitely took for granted.

In the article it commented that stress kills creativity. It shuts off that part of the brain. I have actually found that I have been more creative during the lockdown then I have for years. I am writing more articles, creating more video content. The reason I am able to do this is because I don’t feel stressed in this situation. Here are some of my tips on managing this lockdown situation, which can be applicable to a lot of other situations.


  1. Understand we are all in this together:

Yes, this is a global pandemic which definitely has many negatives. However, there’s something comforting knowing that we are all in this fight together.

Moreover, any negative situation that will arise during this, it is likely that the majority of the world will also be experiencing it. The fact that there are billions of people involved in this means there are billions of people that can help you puzzle your way through any problem you’re facing.


  1. Focus On What You Can Control:


It became apparently obvious that there wasn’t much I could do about the situation. I’m not a doctor, or a superhero. So I just look at the aspects of my life I can control. The main goal for everyone surely should be to come out of this stronger. This is a perfect time to sharpen your axe and skill up in your profession. A great time to work on your fitness and mental health.

Unfortunately there are people that aren’t going to make the most of this situation, and whether you run a business, work in a company or on the job hunt you will be competing against people that are making the most of this situation.

It is important to focus on what you can do to make you better and try and block out all other exterior noise.


  1. Be Aware That This Is One Of Many Hurdles

I try my hardest to not categorise things as good and bad. Rather I like to view things that happen to me as happenings. This pandemic is just one hurdle you will have to overcome in your life. Hurdles come in many different forms, but how you responds to them will dictate how your life pans out.


  1. Don’t Be A Victim Of Circumstance:

We all know some people will flourish at the end of this and some people won’t. Which side of the coin do you want to be on? Well how you respond to this situation is going to lead to the results you generate from this. As I mentioned previously it’s important to see this as a hurdle you need to jump over. If you jump over this successfully, you will be able to jump over many more.

Overall your perspective on situations will then flow into how you feel which can affect your actions. Instead of focusing on everything that can go wrong, try and pull all the positives from any situation and focus on those.

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