Commission isn’t just money

commission not just money

There are different ways you can get paid for the work you do, basic salary, hourly rate or commission (performance pay). When you talk about commission, or performance pay to people, it is normally tainted with negative connotations such as “unstable”, “unsure” etc…

However, when you look into performance pay more, what you will find is the most successful people in the world are all paid on performance!

If you take professional athletes, why does a premiership player such as Wayne Rooney get paid more then a league 1 player? Because he is a better performer.

Why would Beyoncé get paid more then the X-Factor singer? Because she is a better performer!

Even when you are at school – everything is rewarded based on your performance. To get in the top set of your maths class, you have to produce top results, to be selected for your school football team, you have to be a top performer.

Commission is normally linked with sales careers, however I believe there are many types of commissions you can earn in life – but it all depends on your ability to sell.

From being selected for your football team, to taking tests, to selling, to make your money, how well you do is determined on your ability to sell.

You see, monetary commission is just one form of commission. What about when you first meet your partner? You are trying to sell yourself to that person, hoping they will buy you emotionally. If they like you back, you have earned that commission.

In football trials, you are trying to sell yourself on the football pitch- hoping to get the commission of being selected for the team!

There are many different commissions in life other than money. Therefore, if you are scared of commission pay, then you are technically scared of a lot of things!

Why wouldn’t you take a job based purely on commission? Because you think it’s unstable? Because you are scared of not getting the results (commissions)? Is that not the same when approaching someone you like? Why would you talk yourself out of it 1000 times? Because you are scared of them saying no (or scared of not getting the commission you want).

To get high commissions, you have to learn to sell. If you learn to sell, you learn to become great with people, if you become great with people then the world is your oyster because every business needs people!

My advice to becoming successful is to first get a career in sales – it’s the most sought after job in the world – sales is what businesses need to make in order to stay alive. Not only that, if you get a job based purely on commission – there’s is nothing more attractive on a CV then proving you are self reliant and self dependent!

That was my journey – all I can do is give you my advice – it’s now down to you to apply it!

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