Interested Vs Committed

Interested vs Committed

I believe a big problem people face with their careers is a lack of passion. My career involves me interviewing a lot of people, who are obviously either unemployed or unsatisfied in their current job. A common reason as to why they want to leave is they feel they are underpaid, or in search of

Circle of Influence

Circle of influence

Who you spend your time with in life is crucial to what you become. As humans, we are always being influenced, but the direction you are influenced in is so important. Everyone is given a clean slate in life, but it is important we keep that slate clean throughout life! You are influenced at a

Uncertain or unhappy?

Unhappy or Uncertain?

I believe everybody has the chance to be financially successful. It isn’t a new thing, there are many wealthy people out there. But the subject of money can be quite sensitive to the majority. A lot of people live in fear, and base their decisions on how much money they have or need. You hear

Don't feed your fears

Don’t Feed Fear

Fear can often generate success, if you allow it to push you further. You just need to starve fear of its favourite food – time. The top 3 fears that can rule people’s lives are often: Reactions of others The unknown Fear of Failure The feeling of fear, that can also be known as; False