How to handle negatives

How to Handle Negatives

Negatives are a common occurrence in everyone’s life. It is impossible not to encounter some form of negative on a day to day basis. Negatives used to be something I didn’t know how to handle, but if you are looking to further yourself – it is something you have to master! How to deal with

Easily Influenced

Easily influenced

Growing up I would’ve considered myself an easily influenced person. I have always been naive and believed what people have said to me. As I was growing up, I was made to believe this was a bad trait. You may have heard the phrase “don’t be easily influenced”. I believe this to be nonsense information

Information Ignorance

Information Ignorance

Every Christmas I always travel back home, and every year I always meet up with old school friends. The majority of them are always in the same position as the year before. This year I had an interesting conversation with one of my friends. We were talking about world affairs, and it became apparent I

Finding a Mentor

Finding a mentor

People often get confused when they are advised to find a mentor. I personally have many mentors that I use on a regular basis. Some in a physical form and some from text books. The first part to finding a mentor is to decide what lifestyle you want and then find someone who has already