Pick a lane

Pick a lane:

Have you ever felt confused? Or feel like you have no direction? Or what you are doing isn’t fulfilling you? This is something I have struggled with in the past – and at that time I felt lost and unsure about where my life and career was going. It’s not a great feeling. Looking back

Make it Happen!

Making it happen

“Make it happen” was once a misunderstood phrase for me. The phrase often followed from me asking how to get something done. I always thought the person telling me to “make it happen” didn’t actually know how to do the thing I was asking help for themselves. But now I find it such a powerful



When you study the traits of successful people, there are a number of attributes that stick out. However there is one obvious trait… They all dominate their sector. This post is going to focus on the importance of dominating your sector and not just competing. I am a strong believer in ‘you become who you

Take Action

Taking Action

The level of success you want to achieve is totally dependent on the level of action you put in. Top CEO’s get a lot of criticism for the amount of success they achieve, which I believe to be totally unfair. I believe it to be unfair for 2 reasons: 1: The person criticising would love