Being in the K-N-O-W (not in the N-O)


There is a famous phrase “Knowledge is Power”. However, this phrase is only true if you say “Applied Knowledge Is Power” – There are so many people in life that have the right information, they know exactly what they need to do, but they just don’t apply the information. You see, without taking action on your knowledge there will be no results. A great example of this is the gym. Everybody wants a good body – everybody knows what they need to do to get the body they desire but unfortunately not everyone applies the knowledge.
This is the same in sales. Like any industry, there are successful and unsuccessful examples. Now I believe to find success in sales (and any other industry), you need to apply the following 2 points:
  1. Commit to the career:
To find success in anything you do, you have to be committed. Without a level of commitment, you won’t be putting in the necessary action to get good. Even if it is playing a game on the console – the people who are good at the game have made a subconscious commitment to get good. They play for hours and hours fine tuning their craft.
Its the same with professional athletes – they are committed to their sport. A lot of the time, the only thing that separates successful and unsuccessful people is their level of commitment – what are you doing when something doesn’t go your way. It is your LEVEL OF COMMITMENT TO THE CAUSE that will determine your success.
People who are committed will “make it happen no matter what” whereas people who are just “interested” will only put effort in when it is “convenient”.
  1. Dedicate to learning and a determination to get great:
Too many people in sales decide it is not the career for them too early on. The only reason is because they don’t understand. It’s the same in school – the difference between a top 10% student and bottom 10% student is their level of understanding (along with their commitment to learning). The reality is, you have to decide (and make the commitment) everyday that you are going to put aside 30-60 minutes to learn the trade. How can you expect yourself to achieve results without learning? More specifically, how can you decide a sales career isn’t for you if you haven’t even learnt what its about?
The reason you have to cover these 2 points is because I have never personally met anyone who has found success on talent alone. Even the likes Cristiano Ronaldo, as good as he is, just his talent alone wouldn’t have given him the success he had. If you asked him “How are you so great?” I can guarantee his answer would cover these 2 points – Commitment, and a dedication to learn and be great.
Whether you like it or not, you can’t run away from the necessity to commit and dedicate yourself to your career.
The reason learning and commitment is so important to you is because you have to be “in the know!”. How often do you see beginners of something be so enthusiastic to start off with and then begin to slowly lose their excitement. You see knowledge is power, but it is also enthusiasm. If you continue to learn your trade, you will find new motivation and you will also find yourself in a situation where you will always be “enthusiastic” so you don’t “have to get enthusiastic”.
You have to have the knowledge of your trade. If you have the knowledge, you can PREDICT the outcome and if you can PREDICT the outcome, it will give you more CONFIDENCE, and if you have more CONFIDENCE you will get more RESULTS.
You see, a lack of results is first found by a lack of understanding of why you didn’t get the results. A lack of understanding means you can’t make any prediction or plan on how to get your results which will then lead to a lack of confidence, therefore a lack of drive, motivation and ambition.
So my advice is to get in a position where you know the business you are in, so you can predict the business, so you can be more confident so you can get more results!

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