About me


about me


Where are you from?

I was originally born in Cambridgeshire and lived the majority of my youth on the outskirts of Essex in a small market town called Saffron Walden.

Tell us about growing up there?

Throughout my school life I always enjoyed the social aspect of it but never really clicked academically. I wasn’t terrible at school, but was distinctly average when it came to grades.

I always loved sport, my main love being cricket. I love competing and love team work! From a young age I loved taking on leadership roles and leading teams of people by being captain of my sports teams.

What did you do after you finished school?

After I finished school, I attended Bournemouth University to study Forensic Science. Again, I loved university for the social aspect, but didn’t enjoy the studying. University was an interesting time for me, and I met some of my best friends there. However, I always knew I wasn’t going to pursue a career in Forensic Science for 2 reasons:
A lack of money
A lack of progression.

What did you learn from this?

Despite making this decision, I didn’t want to immediately dismiss the career. Straight out of university I acquired a job working as a lab assistant. I was working there for 1 and a half years – and although I didn’t want to continue that career path, it taught me a lot;

Don’t work for people who don’t inspire you – (Your bosses/leaders should inspire you to get to their position, if they don’t, don’t follow them!)

Don’t work for a salary – the way I see it, the person you work for gets paid on the companies performance – if you are excited about a 30-50k basic salary, just imagine how much the CEO of that company is making from the work you are doing!

Don’t work a 9-5 – I fell into a horrible trap where I was doing the same thing everyday and to be honest wasn’t living the life I had previously dreamed of. I was working for someone to help build their dream!

Don’t work in a job where you clock watch! – This is something I used to do regularly – if you can’t wait to get out of work then you are in the wrong job – If you keep wishing for the day to end, you are literally wishing your life away. We spend most of our lives at work, so you’d better make sure you enjoy what you do!

I had always wanted a career in business. Originally it was for the money and the cool title you could label yourself with. Once I acquired that position, it was more about the freedom to make my own decisions… Something I couldn’t do working for someone else!

What are your current goals?

My goals now are to provide people with the same opportunity, skill set,and success as I’ve had. I enjoy helping people and I love helping them become successful, not just financially but in their life habits as well.

I currently have businesses in 3 locations in the UK, the goal is to take that to 10 by this time next year, and then explore overseas into America and Australia!

matt stewart